Renewed Civil War In Iraq?
CBS News - 2008-10-01

Fort Carson soldier dies of wounds in Iraq, CO
LA Times - 2008-10-01

Dozens killed in Baghdad's deadliest day this Ramadan
ESPN - 2008-09-28

Series of explosions kill at least 32 in Baghdad
MSNBC - 2008-09-28

Car bombings kill 12 in Baghdad
BBC News - 2008-09-28

Iraq ambush toll climbs to 35: mayor
AFP/Google - 2008-09-25

Soldier Who Grew Up In Shelton Killed In Iraq
Hartford Courant - 2008-09-25

Iraq gunmen launch deadly ambush
BBC News - 2008-09-24

Iraq: two bombs hit Baghdad, killing one, wounding seven
Jerusalem Post - 2008-09-23

Weekend attacks leave dozens injured in Iraq
CNN - 2008-09-21

U.S. says 3 women killed in Iraq raid
LA Times - 2008-09-19

U.S. Raid Kills 4 Iraqi Militants, 3 Women
CBS News - 2008-09-19

3 Oklahomans among those killed in Iraq
Houston Chronicle - 2008-09-19

Family of U.S. soldier in dark about 'non-hostile' death
CNN - 2008-09-18

Seven US soldiers killed in helicopter crash in Iraq
Guardian UK - 2008-09-18

US helicopter troops die in Iraq
BBC News - 2008-09-18

Twin bombing hits Iraqi capital
BBC News - 2008-09-17

Baghdad bombings kill 10
CNN - 2008-09-17

Suicide bombing kills 22 in Iraq
BBC News - 2008-09-15

At least 16 killed in bombings, shootings in Iraq
AP/Google - 2008-09-13


Iraq: Key figures since the war began
FOX News - 2008-10-01

Perini wins $170 million Iraq contract extension
Forbes - 2008-09-23

Iraq and Shell sign agreement on south Iraq gas
Al Bawaba - 2008-09-23

Iraq strikes gas deal with Shell
BBC News - 2008-09-23

Iraq Rejects No-Bid Contracts
Washington Post - 2008-09-12

Iraq ends talks with French oil company
AP/Google - 2008-09-11

Cholera outbreak spreads in Iraq
Aljazeera - 2008-09-11

Iraq ditches plans for no-bid oil contracts
The Age - Australia - 2008-09-11

Iraq signs $3B oil deal with China
CNN - 2008-08-30

KBR sued for forcing Nepalese workers to Iraq
Independent UK - 2008-08-28

What a McCain Victory Could Mean: No Money for PrestoDoctor and the End of Our Volunteer Army
AlterNet - 2008-08-28

China, Iraq reach $3 billion oil service deal
Mercury News - 2008-08-28

Shell says still talking on Iraq oil service deal
Reuters - 2008-08-21

Iraq and China to sign oil deal soon
International Herald Tribune - 2008-08-21

Talks continue for Iraq oil service deal-BP exec
Reuters - 2008-08-20

One Protest, 52 Arrests and a $2 Million Payout
NY Times - 2008-08-20

Iraq should contribute more
Leaf Chronicle - Clarksville, Tenn. - 2008-08-15

Frontier India - 2008-08-15

Awash in oil money, it's time for Iraq to pay its own way
USA Today - 2008-08-13

Iraq contractor costs scrutinized
LA Times - 2008-08-13


Sarah Palin's "Iraq Trip"—All the Way up to the Border
US News and World Report - 2008-09-15

Gates arrives in Iraq to oversee command change
CNN - 2008-09-15

Campaign downplays Palin's Iraq war remarks
News Miner - 2008-09-13

The Endgame in Iraq
Weekly Standard - 2008-09-13

Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11
Republican Herald - 2008-09-12

While Bush Announces 8,000 Troop Withdrawal, Leaked Draft Agreement Calls for Indefinite Occupation
AlterNet - 2008-09-12

Japan may withdraw military from Iraq
CNN - 2008-09-11

No victory in Iraq says Petraeus
BBC News - 2008-09-11

As Vets Take to the Streets to Protest the War, McCain Snubs IVAW at the RNC
AlterNet - 2008-09-06

When will U.S. troops be out of Iraq?
Walla-Walla Union Bulletin - 2008-08-30

Exit strategy may be forced on United States by Iraq, not the other way around
South Florida Sun-Sentinel - 2008-08-29

'US, Iraq deal may never see light'
Kratom Post - 2008-08-29

Iraq Veterans Against the War Lead Thousands in Protest March to Democratic Convention
Democracy Now! - 2008-08-29

Obama camp meets with Iraq war veterans protesting at Democratic convention
LA Times - 2008-08-28

Iraq veterans make some noise at convention
AP/Google - 2008-08-27

Anti-war protesters give glimpse of Iraq
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin - 2008-08-27

The way out of Iraq
Buffalo News - 2008-08-27

Iraq claims success in push for early US troop withdrawal
Guardian UK - 2008-08-27

Exiting Iraq
Financial Times - 2008-08-26

Iraq PM confirms no foreign forces beyond 2011
Radio Australia - 2008-08-26


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