Suicide car bomber kills 2 US Marines in Iraq, military says
Washington Post - 2008-04-22

Iraqi Christians Struggle With Fear After Slayings
Washington Post - 2008-04-22

330 killed, 1621 injured in Sadr City clashes in three weeks-Medic
Aswat Aliraq - 2008-04-18

Suicide bomber strikes Iraq funeral
Aljazeera - 2008-04-17

Many mourners killed by Iraq bomb
BBC News - 2008-04-17

Suicide bomber kills 42 at funeral
CNN - 2008-04-17

Dozens Killed in Iraq Suicide Bombing
Washington Post - 2008-04-17

Iraqi forces battle Shia fighters
Aljazeera - 2008-04-16

Car Bombs Kill More Than 50 in Iraq
Washington Post - 2008-04-15

Dozens dead as Iraq cities bombed
BBC News - 2008-04-15

Bombings kill at least 60 in Iraq
CNN - 2008-04-15

Dozens dead in Iraq bombings
Aljazeera - 2008-04-15

RAF men die in Afghanistan blast
BBC News - 2008-04-14

US strike destroys own vehicle in Baghdad
Independent UK - 2008-04-13

Baghdad slum calmer after week of intense battles
Reuters/Yahoo! - 2008-04-13

Baghdad raid leaves many dead
Aljazeera - 2008-04-12

Sadr City fighting continues for a seventh day
CNN - 2008-04-12

Air raid kills more in Baghdad
Aljazeera - 2008-04-10

Afghan suicide attack kills eight
BBC News - 2008-04-10

Roadside bomb kills South Tahoe High graduate
SF Chronicle - 2008-04-10

Colonel killed in Green Zone
Huntsville Times - 2008-04-10

Claims of friendly-fire civilian deaths in Afghan town
BNN - 2008-04-08

Fighting intensifies in Iraq's capital
LA Times - 2008-04-08

Iraqi leader wants answers for Blackwater 'massacre'
CNN - 2008-04-07

3 US Soldiers Killed in Baghdad
AP/Google - 2008-04-07

Rocket Attacks Kill 2 Soldiers In Green Zone, 1 on U.S. Base
Washington Post - 2008-04-07

US Military Deaths in Iraq at 4,017
SF Chronicle - 2008-04-06

3 US Troops Killed, 31 Wounded in Iraq
SF Chronicle - 2008-04-06

Iraq rocket fire kills US soldiers
Aljazeera - 2008-04-06

US soldiers killed in Green Zone
BBC News - 2008-04-06

2 U.S. soldiers killed, 17 people hurt in attack on Baghdad’s Green Zone
MSNBC - 2008-04-06

Many dead in Baghdad fighting
Aljazeera - 2008-04-06

Sadr City fighting leaves 20 dead, ministry says
CNN - 2008-04-06

Iraqi priest shot dead in Baghdad
BBC News - 2008-04-05

U.S. Military Investigates 3 Civilian Deaths
Washington Post - 2008-04-05

Blackwater VP: Too soon to judge Baghdad shootings
Reuters - 2008-04-04

Suicide Bomber Kills 7 in Iraq
Washington Post - 2008-04-03

Civilians killed in Iraq attacks
Aljazeera - 2008-04-03

U.S. military: 1 killed in airstrike on Basra house
CNN - 2008-04-03

More die in Iraq violence
Aljazeera - 2008-04-02


Iraqi oil pipeline blown up again
BBC News - 2008-04-25

Combat Stress May Cost U.S. Up to $6 Billion
Washington Post - 2008-04-17

McCain Shows Us How to Kill an Army
AlterNet - 2008-04-17

Five Years Later, Fallujah is Still in Tatters
AlterNet - 2008-04-16

Iraq qualifies 35 companies for oil deals
UPI - 2008-04-15

Iraq opens door to foreign contracts at major oil fields
Telegraph UK - 2008-04-15

Oil firms line up for Iraqi deals
BBC News - 2008-04-14

Secret Iraqi Deal Shows Problems in Arms Orders
NY Times - 2008-04-13

Chevron, Total seek oil deal in Iraq
AP/Yahoo! - 2008-04-13

U.S. Attempt to Control Iraq's Oil and Economy Continues Behind the Scenes
AlterNet - 2008-04-12

Iraq Funding Is Back Before Congress
NPR - 2008-04-10

Paying the Bush War Bill, Defaulting on Our Future
Campaign For America's Future - 2008-04-10

Iraq's oil surplus fuels criticism in war hearings
CNN - 2008-04-09

Iraqi oil earns billions, but Americans pay for reconstruction
CNN - 2008-04-09

US Hopes to Pledge More for Afghans
Chicago Tribune - 2008-04-08

U.S. Lawmakers Invested in Iraq, Afghanistan Wars
IPS - 2008-04-08

Blackwater beefs up air power, using name of obscure company
Boing Boing - 2008-04-08

Would You Close Your School To Pay For Iraq?
Campaign For America's Future - 2008-04-08

Cost of Occupation in Iraq: $3 Trillion Estimate Was Too Low
AlterNet - 2008-04-08

Blackwater contract renewal not approved by Iraq: Maliki
AFP/Google - 2008-04-07

The Iraq war, for $100 month
St. Petersburg Times - 2008-04-06

State Extends Blackwater's Deal a Year
Washington Post - 2008-04-04

Bush Administration Wastes Trillions in Worthless Weapons
AlterNet - 2008-04-03

The Iraq Legacy: Millions of Women's Lives Destroyed
AlterNet - 2008-03-31

On a Baghdad Street, Palpable Despair
Washington Post - 2008-03-31

US gave $300m arms contract to 22-year-old with criminal record
Guardian UK - 2008-03-28

Iraq PM offers money for arms
Aljazeera - 2008-03-28

Gunmen blow up another oil pipeline in southern Iraq
International Herald Tribune - 2008-03-27

Oil prices surge past 107 dollars on Iraq pipeline attack
AFP/Google - 2008-03-27

In Iraq, Was I a Torturer?
AlterNet - 2008-03-27

Iraqi forces battle for control of oil city
Reuters - 2008-03-26

Iraq: Protection of civilians is paramount
Amnesty International - 2008-03-26

For Iraq Vets and Their Families, Trauma Can Be Contagious
AlterNet - 2008-03-25

Fuel supplies for US troops hit
BBC News - 2008-03-24

UPDATE: Iraq Invites Bids To Develop Akkaz Gas Field
CNN - 2008-03-23

Exxon Mobil spent $16.9M lobbying
CNN - 2008-03-20

Iraq to pay oil firms to boost its output
Guardian UK - 2008-03-20

Forbidden fields: Oil groups circle the prize of Iraq’s vast reserves
Financial Times - 2008-03-20

US Company to Help Expand Iraqi Refinery
AP/Google - 2008-03-20

After five years of U.S. occupation, Iraq is destroyed as a country
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - 2008-03-19


Officials: Petraeus unlikely to recommend troop cuts
CNN - 2008-04-07

British troops go back into Basra
Telegraph UK - 2008-04-07

Iraqi leader warns Sadr movement
BBC News - 2008-04-07

Iraq's Sadr calls for million-strong march
AP/Yahoo! - 2008-04-04

How the U.S. Just Got Schooled by a 'Rag-Tag' Neighborhood Army in Iraq
AlterNet - 2008-04-04

Would John McCain Institute a Draft in January? Or Would We Wait Until February?
AlterNet - 2008-04-03

How McCain Stays Popular Despite Supporting Disastrous Wars
AlterNet - 2008-04-02

Progressive Dems Unveil Plan to End Iraq Occupation
AlterNet - 2008-04-02

Iraq UK troop reduction delayed
BBC News - 2008-04-01

Bush Admin's Secret Iraq Intel Source "Curveball" Revealed
AlterNet - 2008-04-01

Closing the Message Gap on Iraq: A Responsible Plan to End the War
Huffington Post - 2008-03-31

Iraq's Police Refuse to Support Attacks on Insurgent Army
AlterNet - 2008-03-31

U.S. Unsure About the Future of Iraq's 'Sons'
Washington Post - 2008-03-31

Britain and the battle for Basra
BBC News - 2008-03-31

Official: Basra battle to end 'soon'
CNN - 2008-03-31

Sadr orders fighters to stand down
Aljazeera - 2008-03-30

Sadr urges support for 'resistance'
Aljazeera - 2008-03-29

Iraqi militia defy call to disarm
BBC News - 2008-03-29

U.S. Drawn Deeper into Iraq Offensive
NPR - 2008-03-29

Noam Chomsky: Why Don't We Ask What's Best For the Iraqis? [VIDEO]
AlterNet - 2008-03-28

Iraqi police in Basra shed their uniforms, kept their rifles and switched sides
Times Online UK - 2008-03-28

"Stop-Loss": Ryan Phillippe plays a soldier called back to Iraq after he's completed his term of duty. How can we not care?
Salon - 2008-03-28

Baghdad under curfew amid clashes
Aljazeera - 2008-03-28

Iraq battles spread beyond Basra
Aljazeera - 2008-03-26

Now That the Al-Sadr Cease Fire Is in Peril, What's Next for Iraq?
AlterNet - 2008-03-26

Is Iraq's Sadr Cease Fire Unraveling?
AlterNet - 2008-03-26

The Ultimate Casualty
Washington Post - 2008-03-25

Living in a Wartorn Land, an Iraqi's Perspective
NPR - 2008-03-24

Basra imposes night-time curfew
BBC News - 2008-03-24

War protest mars Holy Name mass; Demonstrators spatter selves and worshipers with fake blood
Chicago Tribune - 2008-03-24

British pull-out from Basra delayed after rise in rocket attacks
Independent UK - 2008-03-24

The Iraqi Civil War Bush and the Media Don't Tell You About
AlterNet - 2008-03-24

U.S. Pushed Allies on Iraq, Diplomat Writes
Washington Post - 2008-03-23

Writing through the rubble
Salon - 2008-03-21

The unsung heroes of Iraq war coverage
Salon - 2008-03-21

Cheney's former chief of staff disbarred
CNN - 2008-03-20

Bush says war makes U.S. safer, world better
SF Chronicle - 2008-03-20

Why We Said No: Three Diplomats' Duty
Huffington Post - 2008-03-20

Unity urged on Iraq war anniversary
Aljazeera - 2008-03-20

Recording ‘Shock and Awe’
CNN - 2008-03-20


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