Cost of the War in Iraq
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Calendar of US Military Dead during Iraqi War
Coalition Casualties (CNN)
Eyes Wide Open: The Human Cost of War
Faces of the Fallen
Faces of the Fallen: Artists' tribute to lives lost in Iraq and Afghanistan
Iraq Body Count
Iraq Coalition Casualties
Iraq Memorial (The Guardian)
Iraq Veterans Memorial
Our common responsibility: The impact of a new war on Iraqi children
Portraits of Sacrifice (SF Chronicle)
President Bush's "Bring Them On" Picture Album
Who Dies for Bush Lies

Center for Economic and Policy Research
Center for Economic and Social Rights
Cost of War - based on estimates from the Congressional Budget Office
Counting the Cost
Executive take home pay relative to factory floor workers pay worldwide: Politics and Economy / NOW with Bill Moyers
Jobless in America: CNN/Money
Local Area Unemployment Statistics
Scorecard of Evil
Under Cover Of War: A Clickable Compendium
United for a Fair Economy
What Bush Says vs. The Facts About His Medicare Drug Plan - MoveOn

Businesswire: Defense Industry
Complete list of trademark applications for Let's Roll (Cursor)
Demand an Audit in Iraq!
Freedom From Oil
HALLIBURTON CO stock chart
Halliburton Watch
Iraq Revenue Watch
Life After the Oil Crash
Maps and Charts of Iraqi Oil Fields
Meet the Carlyle Group
Money Connection between the Bush Family and Clear Channel
Occupation, Inc. (Report: Southern Exposure, Winter 2003/2004)
Oil Empire.us
PBS: Extreme Oil
Rebuilding Iraq -- The Contractors: Center for Responsive Politics
The Axis of Corporate Evil
War Profiteers
White House for Sale

Axis of Justice
BBC News: Conflict with Iraq
Bush Watch
CLG breaking news
Electronic Iraq
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
Guardian U.K.
Guerrilla News Network
Independent Media Center
Information Clearinghouse
Institute for Policy Studies
Iraq Action Coalition
Iraq full coverage, Yahoo! News
McClatchy, Washington Bureau
Mother Jones
New York Times
Occupation Watch
San Francisco Chronicle
Show Us The War
Take Back the Media
The Daily Mislead
The Nation
Truth Out
Washington Post

Get Involved
9/11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
Alliance for Democracy
American Friends Service Committee
Answer L.A.
Believe in Peace
California Peace Action
Campaign for America's Future
Coalition for World Peace
Code Pink
Crawford Peace House
Dallas Peace Center
Democracy Means You
Democratic Underground
Environmentalists Against War
From the Wilderness
Global Exchange
Global Majority
Gold Star Families for Peace
Interfaith Communities United for Peace and Justice
Iraq Veterans Against the War
Leave my Child Alone
Listen To Your Mother
Long Beach Area Peace Network
Make Them Accountable
Manifesto for Peace
March for Justice
Military Families Speak Out
National Council of Churches
National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Not In Our Name
Office of the Americas
Pax Christi USA
Refuser Solidarity Network
Stop the War Coalition (UK)
The Last Chance Democracy Cafe
The Ruckus Society
Traprock Peace Center
United for Peace
Upsize This!
US Labor Against War
Veterans Against the Iraq War
Veterans for Peace
Veterans for Peace Road Trips
Vets for Justice
Vietnam Veterans Against War
Vote No War
War Resistors League
Win Without War

Radio and TV
Air America Radio
Democracy Now!
Free Speech TV
OneWorld TV
Thom Hartmann Radio Program
Weapons of Misdirection
Working Assets Radio
WorldLink TV

Arianna Huffington
Bob Herbert
George Monbiot
Harley Sorensen
Katha Pollitt
Mark Morford
Michael Moore
Molly Ivins
Paul Krugman
Ted Rall

America Held Hostile
Back to Iraq 3.0
Baghdad Burning
Bush Lies
Downing Street Memo
Joe Citizen
Old Fashioned Patriot
Political Kabuki
Power and Interest News Report
Practical Radical
Ruminate This
Straight Goods
Talking Points Memo
The Agonist
The Boy Who Cried Iraq
The Memory Hole
The Talent Show
This Modern World
Too Many Reasons
War Must End or Humanity Will
What Really Happened

Bring Them Home Now
Bring Them Home Now
Bring Them Home Now Tour
Courage to Resist
MeetWithCindy.org: You owe her an explanation, Mr. President
Thank You Lt. Ehren Watada

Relief Efforts
Amnesty International
Care International
Doctors Without Borders
Human Rights Watch
Mercy Corps
Red Cross/Red Crescent
The Baghdad Museum Project
The Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict
Working for Change

Civil Liberties
ACLU - Northern California
ACLU of Florida
ACLU of Washington
ACLU: Secret Ratings of Airline Passengers
American Patriot Network
Bill of Rights Defense Committee
Campaign for Reader Privacy
Center for Cognitive Liberty
Center for Democracy and Technology
Civil Liberties Monitoring Project
Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review
Indiana Civil Liberties Union
Michael Moore Guide to the Patriot Act
New York Civil Liberties Union
Patriot Watch
Rep. Sanders' Freedom to Read Protection Act
The DOJ defends its post-9/11 position on civil liberties
What the Patriot Act entails for libraries

Make Art, Not War
Another Poster for Peace
Art for a Change
Artists United to Win Without War
Artists' Network - Refuse & Resist
Blood for Oil
Center for the Study of Political Graphics
Clamor Magazine
Freeway Blogger
IRQ - Poetry
Protest Posters
RadioActive Future Underground Art Gallery
Stencil Revolution
The Propaganda Remix Project
Wooster Collective Gallery: Anti-War Street Art (New York)

Protest Music
Alternative Tentacles Records
David Rovics
Freedom Fighter Music
Michigan Radical Left Radio
More David Rovics
Musicians United to Win Without War
Peace Not War
Protest Music is Alive and Kicking
Righteous Babe Records
Salt In The Wound

Laugh a Little
All Hat, No Cattle
Betty Bowers
Chickenhawk Playing Cards
Get Your War On
His teeth were there: Was he?
Idiot Son of an Asshole
Mark Fiore
Operation Hidden Agenda
Question W
Ted Rall
The Boondocks by Aaron McGruder
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Top Ten President Bush Excuses For Not Finding Weapons of Mass Destruction
U.S. Regime Change Playing Cards

Anti-War Candidates
Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities
Center for Responsive Politics
Green Party of the United States
John Kerry Is A Douchebag But I'm Voting For Him Anyway.com
Political Money Line
Project Vote Smart
Punk Voter
Redefeat Bush
Resident Bush
RNC Not Welcome
Topple Bush
Trump Fires Bush
Vote to Impeach

Vote with Your Dollars
Boycott America
Boycott Bush
Boycott Corporate US and Britain
Boycott the War/Mother Earth
Boycott USA.org
Buy Blue
Clothing of the American Mind
Do The Right Thing
Don't Buy ExxonMobil
Global Trade Watch
Jump Start Ford
Michael Savage/MSNBC advertiser boycott
Peace Action
Spend for Peace
Stop Shopping
Stop Spending

War Tax Resistance
A Powerful Tool For Social Change
How to Stop Paying for Militarism
Ideas and Actions for War Tax Resistance
War Tax Resistance Made Simple
Where Your Tax Money Goes
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